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How To Create An Inspirational Mood Board

How To Create An Inspirational Mood Board

I like to think of myself as a creative first and foremost. I’m incredibly visual and honestly, if I can’t see and feel it, it just doesn’t feel ‘real’. It’s part of what I love most about running Frame This. Each design is created AND manufactured by me. It means the concept right through to the finished product starts and ends with yours truly. I get to see the tangible results of my hard work. There’s no feeling quite like it. So, when it comes to planning and dreaming of the future, I have a written strategic business plan and I have a gorgeous inspirational mood board to motivate me above my desk.

You may have seen a few inspo boards on Pinterest or Instagram already but as a seasoned inspo board pro, I wanted to jot down my top tips to create one that will a) motivate you; and b) create a lovely aesthetic in your office. A winning mood board should have both elements working in conjunction with one another. Without further ado, my top tips are:

1. Source Inspiration From Everywhere

A great inspiration board should be layered with alternative textures, mediums and even subject matters. For example, don’t just go on a Pinterest binge and print out a heap of photos. Not only will it look flat, it will likely be missing that little bit of magic that works to get you into a groove on an off day. Visit your local cafes and collect postcards, save beautiful ribbons from wrapped gifts, snip out a stunning gown from a magazine, print your favourite photos. There are really no rules here, if it speaks to you, OWN it!

inspiration board

2. Get Clear On What Motivates You

This is a big one. How do you like to reward yourself? Do you love the beach? Days spent outdoors with the kids? Snuggling up with your favourite novel? A financial goal? If so, images and materials to create this mood will rev you up when you’re feeling flat. It will remind you what you’re working towards and what awaits you when you’ve reached your milestone.

3. Choose A Colour Palette

Now you can feel free to ignore this one but for me, having a considered colour palette creates a beautiful piece that I’m proud to have on display. Deviations from the look and feel of the board can create unappealing clutter that overcrowds the brain. So, choose colours that feed your soul. Turquoise for example, is thought to calm the mind while red is used predominantly for energy. Find your flavour and work with it.

mood board

4. Mix It Up

While you may be creating a mood board for work, don’t be afraid to bring other important elements of your life into it. You are after all, a robust person with a million thoughts, ideas, interests and passions. Don’t let the end goal overshadow the creative process for you. I love getting my hair done as it’s something that allows me to have down time and makes me feel good about myself. So images of my ideal balayage look is incorporated into my board. It’s a visual reminder for me to practice self care.

I have also included photos of my family, snippets of work I’m really proud of, a little love letter from my husband, a necklace that has sentimental meaning and more which is tied into my brand colours: mint & pink.

mood board5. Keep Creating

Add to it as you go! If you’re anything like me, your goals and inspiration will change all the time. What meant success to you three months ago might not motivate you now. So remove, add and switch up the contents of your board to keep it meaningful.


I like to keep older pieces on the board and simply pin things over the top. It’s a great reminder of where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Tell me, what inspires you?

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2 thoughts on “How To Create An Inspirational Mood Board”

  1. Wow this is so motivating, colourful and meaningful Uyen. I love the thought process here about not making your board flat..adding images, sayings or whatever over the top of the existing images that need changing up. Yes creative indeed!! Thank you.

    1. Awe! Thanks so much Diane! I often find myself changing things up when my mood is low or I feel unmotivated. Somehow my creative juices come back to life.

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