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Personalised Teacher Stamps – Your Ultimate Guide

Personalised Teacher Stamps – Your Ultimate Guide

Personalised Teacher Stamps – Your Ultimate Guide

Whether you are a parent buying for a teacher, or a teacher wanting something special for your class this term, you’re probably always looking for that perfect something extra to make your students feel special.

… and not only that – but let’s face it, not ALL parts of teaching are super-fun (like marking), so it’s important to make the job a bit more fun and easier where you can!

Would you believe there’s a cost-effective and easy way to achieve both these objectives – to make your students feel special and your job more fun?

Personalised teacher stamps are a fantastic way to show you care, or to help ease the burden of marking.

Because we specialise in custom made stamps, we thought we’d share with you our ultimate guide for teachers, featuring some of our best selling teacher stamps for marking, merit and ‘just because’.

As an added bonus – all the teacher stamps in our guide can be personalised; customised with your name and message; and/or customised with your favourite colour.

Check out your ultimate guide here!

#1. Personalised Teacher Stamp – Unicorn Magic!


This on-trend beautiful custom teacher stamp featuring a unicorn can be customised to literally say anything you like! So while Mrs Rowe says Magical Work on the one shown here, yours could say ‘Miss Lindsay says keep trying’! or ‘Mrs Brown says you’re one of a kind!’.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Not only that, but these pre-inked custom teacher stamps will provide the children with the encouragement they need to develop their skills inside the classroom.

… and incase the pink is a bit too girly for your needs, you can choose the ink colour from black, blue, green, purple, red or the pink shown!

Who said marking can’t be fun?!

#2. Personalised Teacher stamp – Please return to me :)!



Sick of lending books to children that don’t get returned?

As a teacher we all appreciate what it’s like for busy parents of school children… they’re probably not sure if the latest book that’s shown  up from nowhere in their house is from school or their child’s latest sleepover party.

However it IS a little frustrating not getting back the goods you’ve bought with your own money and leant out in good faith.

That’s why this ‘from the classroom of’ stamp or ‘this book belongs to’ stamp is a MUST if you’re a generous teacher who wants to get all the books you’ve leant out back into your library for the next child!

Sound like you?

This is the perfect solution.

You can have one of two options – the first is fully customisable with your own name and an apple stamp.  This will quickly establish ownership so you are much more likely to get your books returned to you.

It says ‘From the Classroom of … [Your Name] … Read it. Love it. Return it.


The next one has a lovely picture of a pile of books with your name in the latest on-trend font with the words …

‘This book belongs to … [Your Name] … Read it. Love it. Return it.

Happy days!

#3. Customised Teacher Stamp – Superhero Set!



Doesn’t every kid want to be a superhero? This fantastic superhero customised stamp set features 3 of their favourites – Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman. This is the perfect gift for the classroom as it suits boys and girls alike.
You get 3 stamps that say…

  • Batman – bat-tacular work!
  • Superman – super effort!
  • Wonder Woman – wonderful work!


You get to customise these stamps by choosing which colour you’d like for each stamp from the range of black, blue, green, pink, purple, or red.

If you like these, you might also like these other Superhero teacher stamps that are fully customisable with your message and choice of ink colour:

#4. Teacher’s Stamp for Marking – Stars and Wishes



Make marking more fun with this 2 stars and a wish stamp!

Perfect for marking pupil’s work to comment on what they’ve done well and what could be improved in a fun way.

Plus save yourself the extra writing :-)!

Choose your favourite colour – black, blue, green, pink, purple, or red.

#5. Customised Teacher Stamp – Make marking a breeze.



This Writing feedback stamp is just what you’ve been looking for to speed up the time it takes you to mark students’ work, as well as saving you repeating the same thing over and over again!

There’s a variety of different versions of this stamp, depending on your needs – check out all our options for Teachers Marking stamps here!

kindy writing stamp




#6. Teacher Merit Stamps – More fun ways to say ‘Well Done!’


Students will love these new ways to encourage great work through the use of these fabulous, customisable  teacher merit stamps.

Check out these beautiful and fun designs – you can choose your your favourite colour ink – black, blue, green, pink, purple, or red and from many of these designs:-

#7. STUDENT REFLECTION Stamps – Helping them to learn




As you know, being a teacher is not always about telling children what to do… sometimes encouraging a little self-reflection is the best learning for them!

These student reflection stamps do just that.

This Growth Mindset G.R.I.T stamp details:

G. rowth Mindsets believe failure is an opportunity to grow.

R. isk taking is important so I will try: ………….

I. nstead I will say:…………..

T. his is tricky. My next step will be:………………..

Or why not try this Growth Mindset ‘I Will Say’ stamp, or this Student Self Assessment Stamp.

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