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The Ultimate Back To School Lineup

The Ultimate Back To School Lineup

Whether your children are making the transition to school in 2019 or you have kids returning for another year, you can hedge your bets on the fact it will be crazy busy getting them through those front doors come January 2019. As a seasoned school mum, I know I’ve spent many-a-January’s elbow deep in back to school checklists / madly scouring online stores / ducking to officeworks to get everything in time. Which is why, if I could give you one piece of advice, I say shop early.

We’ve collated some of our must-haves to bring you the ultimate back to school lineup in 2019 to make the beginning of the school year as fuss-free and joyous as it should be.  Kids hanging out with their teachers 5 days a week instead of asking you for snacks the whole day? What’s not to like? Ha!

Fabric Stamps

These babies literally ran out the door this time last year! If you haven’t heard of them before; lean in because you’ll be thanking the heavens you ordered one come January. You know how you have to name every item of clothing your kid wears to school? Well, labelling clothing takes a whole lotta work. Either you order iron on labels and iron for hours upon hours or you lovingly hand write every letter on every piece. A better idea? You invest in a self-inking Fabric Stamp.

I want to go on record to say these are the quickest and easiest way to permanently label your kid’s clothing, hats and other belongings. This self-inking stamp uses a special non-toxic ink developed for application on fabric/textiles. The stamp has a clear base for easy and accurate positioning too so all you need to do is press down to stamp onto the fabric or tag. Yeah, it’s that easy!

Allow it to dry for a couple of minutes and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Available fonts:

Available icons:

A Rad Lunch Bag

If you remember your school days well, you’ll know that morning tea, lunch and afternoon is where all the fun is had. Every kid needs a rad lunch bag that not only keeps their snacks nice and fresh but adds a little flavour to their life.

We love our Dr Seuss Lunch Bag because it’s functional and oh so rad.

Personalised Bag Tag

If I had a dollar for every-time one of my boys has lost a bag, I’d have like $10 which would be enough for 2 coffees. Since you don’t get paid when your kids do your head in, I’ve ended up with nothing but a sore head. So, minimise the mayhem and label their bags.

Our gorgeous acrylic keyrings and bag tags are just the must have for your kids (speaking from experience here) before they head off to school next year. They are ideal for your child’s school bag whether they are at school, preschool or daycare.

The keyring is personalised with your child’s name and a cute little cut out shape of your choosing. You can even select your favourite colour. Woop woop!

Personalised Pencils

As above mentioned, kids and losing stuff goes hand in hand. It gets more prevalent as the items get smaller. So, I say name EVERYthing. Our personalised pencils can be laser engraved (yeah FANCY!) with your choice of text. With 30 of ‘em in a set, you’ll be set for a whole year.

Do you have a useful back to school hack? Share it in the comments!

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