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Why Everyone Is Talking About Colour In Therapy

Why Everyone Is Talking About Colour In Therapy

Let’s face it, modern life is BU-SY. The mix of work, parenting, commitments, trying to text people back, create organic culinary delights and fit in a gym session here and there doesn’t leave much space to just ‘be’. If you’re like me, you often ‘think’ about being mindful but struggle to find time to concentrate on mindfulness. It’s a catch-22! Which is why everyone is talking about colour in therapy. Haven’t caught the bug yet? Let me tell you why you should get your colouring pencils out and get BU-SY (in a good way!).

What is Colour In Therapy?

Art therapy has been a ‘thing’ for quite some time. Therapists would recommend this form of therapy as a way to explore feelings, develop social skills, manage behaviour, increase self-awareness and reduce anxiety. Colour in therapy is an extension / sub-type of this train of thought.

Colouring in isn’t just for kids anymore. In fact, it’s a form of therapy for adults. It’s been around for ages but it’s Crayola (yup, the crayon company) who really brought this method of therapy into mainstream culture. They released their own set of colouring in books and gorgeous adult-quality texters and the rest they say, is history.

What are the benefits of colouring in?

Colouring in is more than a creative outlet and best of all, it works all kinds of wonders on your mental health. Researchers, Yogi’s and Psychologists have all given this crafty therapy a big tick of approval.

Reduces stress and anxiety levels

By removing distractions and letting your mind focus on a task naturally calms internal chatter and overwhelm. Just like meditation, the act of colouring in is giving your brain the space it needs to focus helping to alleviate anxiety.

Increases mindfulness

Once you’ve silenced that overworked brain of yours, you can achieve a level of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of being where you appreciate the moment rather than living in the past or future. It enables you to embrace the present.  

The simple act of colouring in has been proven to calm your inner thoughts and promote mindfulness. Yes, it’s THAT beneficial!

How To Start Colouring In

Sounds great right? The best way to start is to grab some materials and get going. If you want to turbo charge the experience, create a calming atmosphere first. Choose a quiet room, play some soft music and perhaps even burn your favourite essential oils to ignite your senses.

I’ve been doing a lot of colouring in lately (come at me mindfulness!) and I can personally attest to the benefit of a calm environment. I love ylang ylang essential oils and using Pastel Highlighters for my creative masterpieces. They look so fresh and so on-brand.

Free Colouring In Download

I’m all about this #adultcolouringin craze so I’ve decided to collaborate with my amazing Insta friend Sarah Alberto to create a FREE monthly colour in download for you! Sarah is the talented doodle artist that is bringing my visions to life and I want to be able to share this freebie with my tribe (You’re welcome 😉)

First up, we have a Tropical Theme! Download it here.

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